Your Moving Business Online and Remote Sales Processes for COVID-19

August 9, 2020

Your Moving Business Online and Remote Sales Processes for COVID-19

The moving industry workflow has transformed a lot over the past years, but COVID-19 makes it necessary for moving businesses to reexamine traditional operations. If your moving company lagged behind in adopting the latest software technology, now is the time to evaluate and implement a strong sales process plan.

Why Do Moving Companies Need Online Sales Processes?

COVID-19 has permanently changed the way businesses reach customers. One thing hasn’t changed: people need to move. Customers need to relocate, pandemic or not. It’s your job to get your moving business in front of them to gain their business.

How can you do that? By having online and remote sales processes ready to go anytime, anywhere.

If you streamline and innovate, your moving company can emerge from the COVID-19 ahead of your competition. Customers count on you to provide solutions and reassure them that their move is in good hands. Building trust is essential now and will continue to pay dividends in reputation and referrals.

Create a smooth business workflow that is accessible wherever you are. Online software like Network Leads, built specifically for moving businesses, makes it easier than ever.

How Can You Reach Customers during COVID-19?

Moving is always challenging for customers, but COVID-19 concerns and restrictions add a new layer of worry. It’s more important than ever to build trust and a connection with your customers. You can achieve this with online and remote sales processes which allow:

  1. Superior Customer Experience
  2. Meeting and interacting with your leads and customers on Social Media
  3. Use mobile to conduct business anywhere, anytime
  4. Reaching your customers through content that provides value to them
  5. Developing and nourishing a strong, positive online reputation
  6. Use analytics to manage your business efficiently and professionally

What Can Your Moving Company Do with Online and Remote Sales Processes?

During this COVID-19 period, you may not even be operating from a traditional office. You don’t need to.

With online sales processes and a moving software tailored to your business, you and your team are able to access all client and administrative information from anywhere on any device, even your mobile phone.

You actually save time and set your moving business up to grow because when systems are in place, you can repeat the process over and over. Charting progress and correcting gaps become easier with automated analytics.

Network Leads offers a powerful, proven software system that instantly streamlines your business and sales processes. Everything is in place to enable you to handle all front-end interactions with leads and customers using a unified, branded, professional look.

You don’t need hours of time or a big budget for graphics. Customizable templates enable you to get just the look you want to create a memorable impression.

Having sales processes online enables your moving business to function smoothly while gathering leads, generating quotes, managing inventories, finalizing contracts, communicating with your customers, conducting email campaigns, and nurturing all stages of the moving sales funnel.

Having online and remote sales processes in place makes sense for any moving company, but the ability to conduct your moving business this way during the pandemic is critical. You can access all information remotely because everything is stored in a secure, centralized location online.

Your customers benefit too. Rather than have to enter a brick-and-mortar location, you can text customers quotes, inventories, and other information anyplace that is convenient for them. 

Your Mobile Phone Is Your Portable Office

With Network Leads, you don’t miss a beat because you can access everything you need from your mobile phone, notebook, or PC. If a customer needs a quote and you’re away from your PC, you can generate anything you need right from your smartphone. If your customer is away from their PC, no problem. You can even text them information.

Get the Jump on Landing New Customers

You don’t have to rely on email or in-person meetings. You can reach potential customers anyplace. Send a quote to their mobile.

Call, text, or email, whatever the customer’s preference is. Customers can easily review moving estimates and e-sign from wherever they are.

Analytics at Your Fingertips

Evaluate at-a-glance how your moving business is performing. Confirm critical follow-ups on leads. Launch email campaigns that convert. Rinse and repeat.

A calendar keeps you on track at all times, from any location. The calendar is synchronized so you never miss an important meeting.

When a lead comes in, the Network Leads software captures the information. All communication with the lead will be documented so you know exactly who needs a follow-up.

If leads come into your website, they are automatically added to your leads page inside the Network Leads dashboard. Can you envision what a timesaver this is? Never lose a lead again.

Marketing is automated, enabling you to perfect your sales funnel. You can reach more customers with a lot less effort.

It’s simple to keep your moving crew up-to-date with any schedule or job changes. Your team can access customer details remotely. Everything is well-coordinated and organized because the entire team 

If you have a sales team, it’s easy to train the team. Everyone can communicate and collaborate inside the software, so questions can be answered, processes explained, or customer needs shared in real time.

Access to accurate analytics is crucial during COVID-19. When you have an online sales process in place, your sales charts, financial reports, and all your advertising statistics are compiled, updated, and ready for you to evaluate.

The Importance of Online and Remote Sales Processes

It is critical to get your online and remote sales processes in place now. Automation saves you countless hours of time and money and provides a better customer experience. Your moving business needs online and remote sales processes, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Network Leads provides the online software solution created specifically for the moving industry.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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