What has your software done for you lately?

June 11, 2019

The worst feeling in the world is missing a sale. A sale you had - a sale that all it took to finish the deal was to make ‘that call’ at the right time.

A sale that would have changed your month and possibly your year, now gone. You have no-one else to blame except yourself or maybe….Your software.

The right lead management software would not have let you miss that sale no way - it would have notified the sh** out of you, sending you pop-up’s and emails until you marked it as done.

It would have been tagged and marked as a top priority. That is the effect your moving software could be having on your business. If the organization of your staff, the allocation, and followup of your leads and even your own dispatch objectives are not right, your business is without a doubt making less than what it should be. As I have mentioned in the past a lead is a living breathing thing. It needs to be loved and supported, and without the right care, it will die or be booked by a competitor.

Not contacting it the right way, at the right time or maybe not sending it the right type of email or an email designed wrong can make all the difference in the world. The ability to comfortably reach out to your leads in their preferred method of contact could be what closes the deal. Some will say, price is everything - our research tells us otherwise. If people believe they will get substantially better service by adding a small amount in most cases they will. but the presentation of your services has to also justify your price.

All the previously mentioned aspects of your business are details that your CRM should be taking care of for you. The right software will organize your business in the right way, assist in contacting and following up your leads in the most effective ways, and have the ability to do all that is a modern and attractive way for you and your clients. Gone are the days where a back and white handwritten proposal will get results.

Whether you are a company owner, an employee or a potential client - you want an interactive, user-friendly, informative experience - wherever you take your business. This is what has elevated Network-Leads to the top of the food chain when it comes to CRM and software for moving companies. Easy to use, packed with useful features and attractive to both the user and the potential client, it is a must-have for any mover looking to move forward.‍

Adir Pellach

Adir Pellach - Executive Director, Network Moving Leads LLC,  To set-up a demo one on one with one of our skilled reps select a time here.

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