The missing piece to the puzzle

December 27, 2020

We interact with hundreds of movers every week, whether it be using our software or our advertising clients.

There is not a day where we are not learning new things and we like to think that our customers learn from us to adapt their sales and company-management techniques.

However, every week I come across a company who ‘knows it all’ - They have all the answers, and know the best way to do it all.

What they don’t realize is that they are possibly simply missing one little piece of the puzzle. They might be an incredibly successful mover with years of experience and success - but they have remained in a status quo. Finding the missing piece of the puzzle could be what allows them to break free of certain shackles, branch out and grow.

So what are the puzzle pieces involved with running a successful moving company.

  • Make sure you have your permits and insurance in place. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised just how many functioning movers risk their business, safety and overall finances every day because they are trying to save a few bucks. They end up losing a lot more when something out of their control goes wrong.
  • Have a website and a logo - A web presence is the most important thing when you are trying to book moves. The first thing anyone does today when they get a pitch from a company, is go online and search for that company. A simple website, logo and some social media pages can go a long way in your favor.
  • Have a customer funnel -  This means that when a customer comes a cross your company online, you have a way to collect their info, send them an introduction email and get to a stage where you can quote them easily. Even if you don’t book them on the spot they remain potential customers forever.
  • Have the ability to send clean professional quotes and invoices - Once again, the chances of you booking and sealing a job that was quoted in an organized and professional way are doubled.
  • Have multiple options for payment - Cash is becoming less and less used in day to day transactions. Make sure you are connected with a Credit or Debit card processor and can send receipts to your customers in real time.
  • Go paperless - This is a growing trend which makes a lot of sense. First of all there is no risk of losing paperwork. You can also send contracts and forms for signature in real time to any device. Finally, of course, there are the environmental benefits.
  • Use text and email to keep customers engaged - To request reviews after a moves, to follow up with potential customers, to send out promotions in bulk and to send holiday greetings to past, present and future clients. Just a few ideas of how to use these crucial tools that go a long way in branding your moving company.

Every few years the puzzle pieces to your success as a mover change - It is your responsibility to be able to make sure that you don’t fall behind the competition. Being setup in the right way will allow for you ultimately to take on more leads, generate more organic business and scale. There are software options such as Network Leads Software that will take care of most of these things for you and adapt in real time to industry changes, but you need to know what piece of the puzzle your are missing.

To learn more and be given a demonstration of what can be updated for your company, feel free to reach out.

Adir Pellach

Adir Pellach - Executive Director, Network Moving Leads LLC,  To set-up a demo one on one with one of our skilled reps select a time here.

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