Online Moving Software and CRM Warning Signs

October 5, 2020

Online moving software companies can seem convincing when you look at their flashy landing pages or read the enthusiastic testimonials on their websites. Here are some guidelines to help you know what is worth it - and what to avoid - as you consider signing up for a CRM.

What Is The Purpose of A CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM is a software system that allows your business to compile, evaluate, and store your customer data in an online centralized location. You can collect leads, follow up with prospects, conduct marketing campaigns, keep track of sales and customer interactions, and enable all team members to see exactly where every customer is in their journey.

Online moving software platforms serve the moving industry. Moving software automates the workflow, lead generation, sales, digital e-signatures, contracts, and other operations of moving companies. It is necessary to do your homework when choosing the best moving software for your company.

Watch Out for These Common Moving Software Warning Signs:

  1. Spotty or negative ratings on review sites.
    It is important to research your moving software by reading reviews, surveying the company’s website, and checking out the social media presence. It will become apparent when the software has an enthusiastic following. Check out the ratings on review sites such as Capterra. You can also see how the CRM rates for various features, and if a free trial is offered.
  1. The software company won’t let you set up your account without a demo first.
    Avoid sites that require a consultation or meeting before you gain access. If you look at an online moving software company that doesn’t let you set up an account until one of their sales reps talks to you, consider this a major red flag. You know they will charge you extra for everything they can. A reputable CRM and online moving software business is confident and proud of the features it offers to moving companies. When the CRM saves a company time, money, and helps bring in new leads, there is no need for a hard sell or preventing customers from giving the software a try. Network-Leads offers a free 14-day trial PLUS you can arrange for a demo at a time and date convenient for you.
  1. The moving software and CRM can’t give your business what it needs.        
    An online moving software should offer full move management, sales, marketing and operations support:
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Account Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Local, Interstate, and International Moves
  • Military Moves
  • Storage Management
  • Customizable and Branded Templates
  • Ease of Communication with Leads, Customers, Team members and Crew
  • Marketing and Automations
  • Sales
  1. Software support is non-existent once you commit.
    There’s nothing worse than spending valuable time lost in a problem that could easily be resolved. Having access to live support, preferably 24/7, is a feature that pays for itself time and time again.
    Great support can get you and your team up and running. Once you have a CRM, it’s important to use it to the full potential it is designed for. Again, a good software support team will run through all the features and be available when you need them.
  1. The moving software does not integrate with other services.
    Integrated functionality is an important feature to pay attention to when you research moving software CRMs. Your marketing and sales processes are meant to work together seamlessly. Communication should be easy with your customers, but also within your team organization.
  1. The online software doesn’t have your back.
    A powerful online moving software like Network-Leads is set up specifically to prevent you from missing sales and losing potential revenue. Leads can be tagged and prioritized, and pop-up messages alert you when follow-ups are necessary. Timing can make the difference between a sale or a lead that goes to a competitor.
  2. No expandability as your moving business grows.
    If expandability potential seems to be asking a lot of a moving software, it isn’t. Today’s online moving software and CRM platforms offer capabilities that help you grow. You don’t want outdated, limited software slowing you down.
  3. Be carful of locking contracts.
    A good moving software doesn't need to lock you by contract to keep you using
    the software. If the software has all the capabilities that you need, they won't need to lock you in with a contract. Monthly / Year plans without unsubscribe penalties should be available in any moving software. The moving software Network Leads offer you monthly plans per user - you'll choose the plan and pay the same amount and be able to use all the software capabilities without paying more.

Select the Online Moving Software that Works With Your Business

It is critical that your CRM is appropriate for the moving industry. You don’t want to pay for a lot of features that have nothing to do with your business. Make sure you have in mind exactly what your moving business goals and operating needs are. If you are going paperless, or looking to switch CRMs, think about what a good online moving software will replace. The online moving software CRM should accomplish everything you need or it’s not worth your time and money.

Network Leads is at the forefront of moving software technology. You can learn all about the features upfront with complete transparency. Schedule a no-obligation demo now to understand why Network Leads is the choice for today’s successful moving companies.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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