How Your Marketing Funnel Attracts Leads and Gains Customers

March 18, 2019

Lead Generation made easy

New customers are necessary for your business. If you take time to carefully map out your marketing funnel, you will easily be able to showcase the value of your brand.
There are multiple ways to generate new leads, but the easiest method involves offering content, free information, a giveaway report, or a discount in exchange for the lead’s contact information.

How Can You Attract A Lead’s Attention in a Crowded Online Space?

(Top of Funnel)

1. Effective SEO

Keyword research, quality content, and consistent posting will help your brand gain traction. Observe and take note of questions customers frequently ask and create comprehensive blog posts to begin positioning yourself as an authority figure in your field. You can also attract leads by offering a free consultation in your article, or in exchange for an email address.

2. Social Networks

Today every online business must have a social media presence. A website is no longer enough, and with the ability to attract an infinite amount of new leads, social networks offer powerful lead generation opportunities.
You will want to match your marketing strategy to the social media site you’re using. Your potential customers use the various sites for different purposes.
In general, Facebook is effective for brand discovery, commenting on posts and offering help and suggestions. Facebook is also great for advertising and connecting with leads and customers.
Instagram is obviously very visual. One of the main focuses of Instagram audiences is lifestyle. It is an easy social site to form connections and bond with your followers. Make sure your brand identity is uniform across all your Instagram posts. Study the best hashtags for your business.
Twitter is an amazing social network site for promoting your business. It is highly effective for promoting your brand via word-of-mouth. You can also handle customer service responses and increase awareness of your business.
If you have a service, you can create YouTube videos which attract leads and effectively showcase your company. Satisfied customers can be featured in clips. Other video possibilities include how-to videos to further establish you as an expert in your field, specials, product launches, or even interviews and Q & A sessions.

3. Building Your Email Lists

Planning and growing your email list is a critical component of your business strategy. Multiple email lists can be created to create targeted customer experience campaigns. Here are a few email list tips to create emails that get opened.

4. Sponsorship Marketing

The concept of sponsorship marketing is a mutually beneficial association between your business and another organization. Usually, in return for a fee, the other organization will promote your business at their event. If you carefully evaluate events that your potential customers will be at, sponsorship marketing can be highly effective.

5. Neighborhood Events/ Networking Events

Local events can offer you great lead generation opportunities. Local businesses are likely to be familiar with your company and brand, and you can organize mutually beneficial events. Make sure you have a photographer on hand to capture photos or videos of the event. Combine the photos with compelling articles to use in your online marketing plan.
Also take advantage of local SEO rankings using Google My Business. This will also help local leads and customers locate you.

6. Recommendations and Referrals

Customers who are pleased with your company’s service or product can be amazing allies in the success of your business. Reach out to customers who have had a positive experience with your brand. You can text, email, or call them and request a 5 to 10-minute chat.
Genuinely connect with your customers and thank them for their business. Ask if they have suggestions for friends or other referrals who would be interested in your service.
Get the contact information and ask your customer to introduce you. You will probably want to offer some type of a thank you gift or have a referral system in place to reward customers who help you grow your business.
As you plan your marketing funnel, you will definitely benefit from creating detailed buyer personas. Once you understand who your ideal customers are, you can create custom content to attract them.

CRM Keeps You Organized and Streamlines Your Workflow

You can create articles, blog posts, and other content to attract leads and build trust and brand familiarity.
Your CRM will be a valuable tool to help you analyze your campaigns and goals. All your lead and customer information will be organized in an easy to access platform.

Once You Have Leads Attention

(Middle of Funnel)
You want to position yourself ahead of your competitors. How do you achieve that? By emerging online as a thought leader, an expert, an influencer. You do this by creating content that helps your potential customers.
You need to show leads that your business understands their problems and challenges. You must convince them that your business is uniquely capable of solving or finding solutions to their problems.
When you are able to communicate this to your leads, when your potential customers are convinced that your service will resolve their challenges, you convert those leads to paying customers.

Your New Customers

(Bottom of Funnel)
You need to keep your leads’ attention by convincing them that your business outshines your competition. Leads will definitely be shopping around and comparing your brand to your competitors to see how you measure up.
Customer reviews, testimonials, and recommendations can be highly effective at this stage. Case studies can be used to visually illustrate your company’s style and how you succeed in satisfying your customers.
You can conduct webinars imparting useful information. During the webinar, attendees can send you their questions and by directly responding to them, you can quickly build confidence in your brand.

Reach Out

At this point, you or one of your team members may want to contact prospective customers. Taking the time to actually make the one-on-one connection and answer any questions or concerns is very reassuring and is the deciding factor in making the sale.
By thoughtfully planning your marketing funnel, you can rapidly increase your lead generation. Even more importantly, you will attract the kind of leads that convert through the funnel and emerge as happy customers.
Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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