How to Succeed with Your Moving Company Marketing

December 3, 2019

Online marketing and lead generation are critical to the success of today’s moving businesses. Even if you use a lead generation strategy like Network Moving, it is still necessary to create emails for a variety of reasons.

Keep reading, because now you can create email campaigns and communicate with leads and customers using an intuitive system. You’ll never miss an important email because all interactions are organized in one place at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and conserving your energy.

How to Save Time and Create a Highly Effective Email Strategy

Manage Everything from One Centralized Area

You can create more time to focus on other aspects of your business by automating processes and consolidating your marketing efforts. Inside the Network Leads CRM, your dashboard has everything organized for you:

• Use pre-made Email Templates.

• Schedule emails and promotions.

• Easily create email campaigns.

• Access to all your contacts

Network Leads Marketing and Email Generation Features

Let’s take a closer look under the hood at the benefits of using a customized moving company software for your needs. The process is intuitive.

1. Access Your Network Leads Dashboard

2. Select “Marketing” from the drop-down menu.

3. Outgoing Emails

4. Compose New Email

5. Select “Blank Email”

You can create your own email when you prefer. It’s as simple as using the drag and drop options from the “Content” area of the dashboard.


6. Select “Template”

Notice that these are not just random templates. The templates are customized for the most common needs of moving industry professionals. Depending upon what your goal is, you can select from categories such as, “Contacts and Communication,” or “Transportation & Storage.” Within the categories are specific templates. You can find Automatic Lead Response templates, Light Order Tracking, and more.

7. Logo

Once you select your template, it’s easy to add your business logo. The whole process takes seconds.

8. Call to Action

Your email will have a clear, professionally designed area for the call to action. Simply fill in with what you want your readers to do and you’re done! Flawless emails every time without huge expense or hours of work.

9. Options for Body of Email

Everything is customizable. Click on the “Content” area and you can add text, images, buttons, and video. You can designate social buttons for sharing.

Follow the suggested text structure or create your own. Here are more ideas for email strategies and best practices.

10. Preview and Send

Done! Now you can track analytics and tweak for future email campaigns.

The Network Leads software saves hours of work. Professional emails every time. Network Leads serves as your virtual assistant, available to access from anywhere, 24/7.

Settings and Status

You will find detailed information on your email campaigns and your subscribers. Manage your email account, segment, and send targeted emails to specific customers.

Network Leads Offers Key Benefits for Your Moving Business

• Centralized database for your customer and lead information

• Integration with your website so leads captured are stored in CRM

• Manage all interactions and communications in one place accessible from all devices

• Premade and automated email creation with ease-of-use templates

• Segmentation and Split-Testing Capabilities

• Integrated Calendar

• Schedule Follow-up Reminders

• Advanced Analytics to move your business forward

• Personalized, Customized Emails provide superior customer experience

• Save time, save money, increase efficiency, reduce errors, elevate your brand.

• Reach subscribers and customers effortlessly to encourage repeat business and new referrals

Marketing Made Simple

Your moving company has different needs from other businesses. Network Leads was designed specifically for moving businesses. From the moment you access the dashboard, you will welcome all the time-saving integrations designed with your moving company’s efficiency and success in mind.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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