How to Improve Customer Engagement in 2021

February 18, 2021

To improve your customer engagement results in 2021, it is necessary to be present where the majority of your customers are: online. Movers can improve customer engagement greatly by bringing the moving experience online through content, visual media, and excellent customer service.

Create a complete customer engagement strategy. The best way to do this is to run your business from a central point in the Cloud using Network Leads software. You, or anyone on your team, can access all customer information, messages, leads, and marketing campaigns.

Organize Your Operations

Set your business operations up to be responsive across all of your online sites and channels. When a customer leaves a comment, one of your team members should respond to it promptly. 

If you monitor moving groups or forums and a general moving question is asked, answer the question. You can provide expert insights as a professional in the industry. This demonstrates your moving business offers great customer service and builds rapport with potential customers. 

Enable communications with templates to be prepared for media relations, public relations, and external events. Have a response team to monitor comments and questions about your brand, moving challenges, current laws affecting moving during the pandemic, and general moving information.

Online or On Location, Communication is Critical

Customers interested in doing business with you want to first develop a connection before they give you their money. In 2021, customers want to interact with your business and develop trust. 

Moving is a stressful time, especially during the pandemic. You can show you are concerned about your customers’ needs, their safety, and the success of their move. If your business doesn’t step up, another one will.

The Power of Social Media

Encourage Customer Engagement on social media by creating reasons to engage. Ask questions, post entertaining or funny photos and videos, and offer moving tips that make organizing the move easier. If you have a blog, post parts of the articles or provide links to your blog articles. 

One of the best ways to encourage customer engagement is to always place a clear Call to Action on each post. If you create fun interactions, customer engagement increases naturally.

Think of social media as an engagement and trust-building opportunity, not a platform for your publicity. Listen to customer feedback, whether from surveys, reviews, or comments. Make adjustments and improvements to your service when possible. 

Engage with your customers if you want them to engage with you. This is an ongoing priority.

You can create digital walk-throughs and demonstrations to keep your brand top-of-mind and increase brand recognition. Emphasize how your moving company ensures safe handling, cleaning, and social distancing during the moving process. Highlight employees in videos or short segments to add familiarity to your moving business.

Customer Feedback is Powerful

Similar to featuring your employees, you can also make your current and former customers the stars of your social pages and website. Publicize great customer reviews and experiences. Take care of your current customers during their move and encourage them to leave reviews if they are satisfied.

Do not attempt to hide any valid negative feedback or comments. Hiding, minimizing, or dismissing mistakes or criticism can create a backlash that spirals out of control. Respond to negative comments, apologizing when appropriate. Encourage further communication and follow-up via email or text message rather than on any public forum.

A Mobile-Friendly Site Is Mandatory in 2021

Verify that your site, apps, and content are all mobile-friendly. A lot of today’s web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Customers increasingly schedule appointments and bookings using their smartphones or tablets. 

Network Leads moving software works on every device and is mobile friendly. It is also location independent, so you can get your work done in anyplace you want.

Develop Your Brand Image

Humanize your moving business by building your brand’s personality. Allow customers insight into your business, build a strong presence, and have a brand personality. Be playful by showing the lighter side of moving. Use humor on social media when appropriate. 

Listen to what customers and commenters on other forums, competitors’ websites, in groups, and moving reviews are mentioning. Customize your content to their needs and provide answers to questions. Deliver value.

Want to personalize all of your customer emails, text messages, and formal communications? This is easy with your Network Leads moving software. Work more efficiently by scheduling marketing campaigns, promotions, and email newsletters. You can text, email, and respond to your customers easily right inside your Network Leads moving software.

Visit Network Leads for a complete software solution and CRM designed for the unique needs of movers. Sign up to see how easy it is to encourage customer engagement, gather new leads, streamline your operations, and increase your moving company’s visibility.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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