How to Implement Video in Your Online Business Marketing and Why

May 20, 2019

Video is no longer an optional part of a solid business marketing strategy. Video is now integral to the success of your online brand presence, crossing all social channels, sites, and platforms.

How Can You Implement Video in Your Online Business?

Video brings visual elements to storytelling. It is a great way to show, rather than tell, all that your brand has to offer.

Having embedded, SEO-optimized video content on your website increases your chance of showing up on page one of Google. Google owns YouTube and is leaning heavily toward video. Now YouTube videos even appear in the Image search.

You can incorporate video into your online business in many ways:

Advertising - Video, especially engaging video, is a highly effective advertising medium which converts faster than content alone.

How-to Videos - Solve problems of your targeted audience to establish your authority and gain trust.

Demonstration Videos - These are useful for establishing you as a knowledgeable leader. Whether you have a product or service, video provides compelling insight into how your business can help users.

Interviews - You can create videos which feature interviews with other industry leaders or even interesting employees within your organization.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials - This type of video can be very powerful in establishing trust, credibility, and social proof.

Videos to Increase Your Business Presence on Social Media - These videos can introduce audiences to your brand and increase your brand awareness. Live videos can connect audiences with you and your brand.

Videos for Content Marketing and Blog Articles - It is more meaningful to tell your story visually as well as offer articles. Combining both content and video keeps the viewer engaged and connected.

Why Is Video So Important to Your Online Business Presence?

Video marketing works. According to Impact, video on Social results in 12 times more shares than text and photos. Video drives a 157% increase in traffic from search engines, and having video embedded on your landing page can net you an 80% increase in conversions.

When your business embraces video, you will find:

• Customers prefer video.

• Customers remember the content in a video better than reading text.

• Video Increases brand awareness.

• Videos tell stories.

• Videos make connections between your sales team, prospects and leads.

• Social Proof

• Helps Lead Generation

• Engagement increases using videos, including social sites

Customers and consumers want information as quickly and easily as possible. A well-made video tells a story or imparts information clearly and effectively, appealing to multiple learning styles.

Important Tips for Implementing Video in Your Online Business

1. Your Video Must Be Optimized for Mobile Devices - Over half of videos are viewed on mobile devices, and that number will continue to increase. Google has adopted a mobile-first index, so the way your site looks on mobile is the way Google views and ranks it. Speed, responsiveness, and compatibility are critical.

2. Use Storytelling to Engage Your Viewers - Creativity can transform your brand into something that transcends a mere product or service. Video can help you communicate with viewers through all their senses and touch their emotions.

3. Consider the Length of the Video - Depending upon the type of video, viewers prefer a length of two minutes or less. Interestingly, the majority of Facebook viewers watch video with the sound off.

4. Include your website URL - You’ll want to put your website URL in the video, in the video description, and put an actual link to your site on the screen. Remember to use video on your social sites, website, as well as YouTube. Use keywords to drive traffic to your video just like you use keywords for your blog and other content.

5. Call to Action - Remember to tell your viewers what you want them to do. An effective call-to-action can really boost your traffic and leads. Ask viewers to comment, like, and share your video.

If you haven’t fully implemented video in your online business marketing plan, you may soon find yourself playing catch-up with your competitors. According to Cisco, it is estimated by 2022 that 82% of online traffic will be video.

This is great for business marketing because video offers more opportunity for your brand to reach a greater number of prospects, regardless of location, and demonstrate what your company has to offer. There has never been a better time to use video to attract leads and gain new customers.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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