How to Go Paperless in 2020

October 5, 2020

If there weren’t already enough reasons for your moving company to go paperless, 2020 offers compelling new motivations. From the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions to limited availability of supplies and working from home, 2020 is the year going paperless is a necessity for every moving company. Network-Leads offers your complete Moving Business solution in intuitive moving software with over 100 features.

Why Movers Should Go Paperless in 2020?

  1. You provide much better service to your customers.
    Customers can receive copies of their moving documents via email instantly. Your customers also appreciate not being stuck with a lot of paperwork. They can download their moving information and go.In 2020, the reality is many customers are in their homes or in a location where arranging moving details is much easier when done remotely.
    You can generate moving quotes for customers based on information they provide. If necessary, video inventories can be done. Cloud-based e-signatures make signing documents easy and fast no matter where customers are.
  1. Marketing is automated so clients are engaged even when you are doing other things. Business is streamlined so productivity is higher.
    Network Leads online software makes this effortless for you as a moving business. You can completely customize and brand all correspondence with your customers just like when you have your logo printed on cardstock. Contact customers and follow up with leads via email, text messaging, or a good old-fashioned phone call.
  1. Convenient analytics at-a-glance. By going paperless, you’ll enjoy extensive analytics conveniently located right in your software dashboard. All activities are synchronized with your operations calendar so you never miss important events.
  1. Centralized cloud location. The centralized organization of all your business data makes it easy to share information, keep customer data up-to-date, and collaborate. Payment processing is easy to track and analyze.
  1. Lead Generation is much more efficient. Email marketing, text marketing, and promotional blasts are at your fingertips. Never lose a lead because leads from your website, lead services, social sites, and referrals are all captured and recorded.
  1. Paperless really means paperless. No time is wasted shuffling paperwork. Estimates, Inventories, and the Bill of Lading are all done via your online software from a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. Tedious and repetitive tasks are eliminated. The entire move process can be managed by the moving software, from marketing, lead generation, the complete sales funnel, transit, storage, moving day, job completion, to referrals and recommendations.
  2. Lower operating costs. You save endless amounts of paper, printing supplies, and more. Errors are also reduced by organizing everything in one place with the right tools.
  1. Save on expenses, operations, payroll, and more. Printers, FAX machines, and other paper-based office equipment are expensive to run and maintain. In 2020, you need to manage your business wherever you are. You are no longer bound to an office filled with office equipment. Your smartphone, tablet, or notebook can fulfill the roles of that old machinery.
  1. Your team truly functions as a team. By going paperless and using an online software moving CRM, every member of your team can update data. Changes, special instructions, histories of previous conversations are stored centrally so all team members are up to date. If a sales rep leaves, the new rep can jump right in with all information available.
  1. An online software moving company CRM makes your company even better. Moving software CRMs like Network-Leads do much more than help you go paperless. A great moving software plays an important role in saving you valuable time and supporting your moving brand’s reputation.

“You don’t need to do more - You need to do things right.” Adir Pellach, Partner, Network-Leads Moving Software

The Many Benefits of Going Paperless for Your Business

  • More Efficiency, Productivity, and Accuracy
  • Organization’s data is centralized and easy to access
  • Going paperless Saves Money
  • Ability to Automate Workflow
  • You can access all information from anywhere, anytime
  • Benefits your customers because you can provide superior customer experience
  • Customer Inventory is easy for clients and your moving business
  • Helps lead generation efforts
  • Speeds up services
  • No need for paper supplies and related accessories
  • Benefits the environment
  • Adaptable for a remote workforce
  • Saves operating costs and payroll
  • Saves storage space
  • Easy to edit, modify, update, and redistribute necessary customer and business forms
  • Data and confidential information is more secure
  • Cloud-based e-signatures make signing documents easy and convenient 
Going Paperless in 2020 Benefits Your Moving Business

Increasingly, work is done remotely.Customers are still moving but moving businesses must adapt to the added changes seen in 2020. Adapting and proactively adjusting to the changes by going paperless will yield multiple benefits. 

Once you understand how your entire moving company workflow can be moved online, automated, and you can conduct your business from wherever you are at any time you choose, you may regret not making the change to paperless sooner. Get a free, detailed demo of the Network Leads Moving Software CRM solution today.

Chelsea Krost

Chelsea Krost is a CRM expert and marketing strategist at Network Leads moving software. To set-up a demo one on one with one of our skilled reps select a time here.

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