How to Find Employees for Your Moving Business in 2021

February 3, 2021

If you’re looking to hire employees for your moving business in 2021, there is a lot of good news. There are many moving industry workers seeking employment and it’s easier than ever to find your employees by looking online.

Have a system in place as you consider applicants. If you’re looking for a driver or putting together your moving crew, how much experience does the applicant have? Ask if the job seekers want long or short-term employment. 

The easiest way to keep track of everything is using Network Lead’s Moving software. This software helps you with all aspects of your moving business, including generating new moving leads. You can also link your phone to immediately receive emails and texts, whether from leads or prospective employees.

Customer service is important for the reputations of today’s movers. Your moving crew will have direct communication with your customers, so attitude, professionalism, and demeanor are very important. The following are some more ideas.

Where to find Employees for Your Moving Business:

Go to where the movers hang out online.

There are groups dedicated to movers. You can find them on Facebook, Reddit, Quora, and other forums. These groups are great for establishing your business as an industry leader, but they can also be useful for attracting employees.

If you or your marketing manager interact in one or more of these groups and the rules of the group allow it, you can mention you are hiring. Don’t be surprised if you find a flood of interested applicants!

Professional movers hang out in Facebook groups like The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Professional Movers. Follow the group rules for posting. You’ll find many movers seeking work there and in other moving groups.

Ask your current employees for recommendations

Word of mouth and recommendations are two of the most effective ways to find high-quality employees for your moving business. Let your current employees know what you need. Create a referral program or offer a reasonable bonus if they find a suitable candidate that you hire. 

Chances are your employees socialize with other movers and know someone looking for employment. This is one of the best ways to find new employees. Your current team members’ reputations are at stake, so they will want new employees that are highly qualified and fit well within your organization.

Keep Your Google My Business Listing up-to-date

Your Google My Business listing is a great way to find employees locally. You can create posts or advertise recruiting events. This is a highly effective way to attract movers available near your physical business location.


Facebook ads, Instagram promotions, YouTube ads, and Google ads will generate traffic that can be customized to attract moving employees. Specify the job type your moving business needs and decide on an amount for your advertising budget. The ads will do the recruiting work for you. 

You can also boost posts on your social media pages. Create a post to let everyone know you’re looking to hire. You can then boost the post, specifying the intended area and audience, and target the ad to attract the employees you need.


LinkedIn is great for businesses and networking. Join relevant groups for movers and the moving industry. This is a powerful way to build your brand, make new connections, and attract the employees you want representing your company.

Publicize on your website and blog

Create a tab for Hiring that links to a landing page. This tab can even be in the footer section of your site. You can include any positions you need to fill as well as the qualifications necessary to apply. Make it easy for applicants by adding a form they can fill out to get started.

Find and Keep Employees for Your Moving Business in 2021

Once you find the right employees, you don’t want to lose them. Help your employees succeed in your company by training them thoroughly. Offer incentives, whether pay incentives or opportunities for advancement. Monetary bonuses for bringing in new skilled employees are also popular incentives.

Many administrative tasks for your moving business can be managed right within your Network Leads moving software. This reduces the number of administrative employees necessary and enables you to acquire new clients by automating your sales and marketing efforts. 

Network Leads makes it easy to use your moving software to generate new leads. You can also create marketing campaigns, schedule emails, and communicate by email and text with your clients, customers, and even prospective applicants for your job openings. Get started with a Live Demo today.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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