How to book moves 12 months a year

December 24, 2019

Many moving companies experience a decline in work at some point during the year and struggle to keep busy. While you can’t control the number of people interested in your service at a particular time of the year, you can implement an advertising strategy to get as many of your leads, to become clients.

1. Bolster your sources

During the winter, it is recommend that advertising is boosted and expanded. The idea behind this is, as the pool of leads declines, so does the effectiveness of your leads - wrong. The only difference is volume. The only way to combat this challenge is to increase the amount of lead sources you use.

During the offseason use everyone! - spread your budget around, and reward performance.  Don’t shy away from new sources. This will not only improve your knowledge of competition, pricing, quality but also shape the way for the warmer months.

The audience in traditional advertising mediums typically doesn’t change much from month to month. If there is a notable change it is a good indication that this lead source has lost its touch. While you have less jobs on your board, try to improve your stats. If from September – February your have less volume but manage to improve your booking ratio, you will know which sources to continue to use from March – August.  If you used 8 different providers in the off-season, stick with maximum your top 4 lead sources for the warmer months.

2. Expand your pick-up and destination areas

During the slower months, consider expanding your coverage area temporarily. You don’t have the privilege of being picky - be smart and stay on your feet. This will once again only benefit in your knowledge of different markets and possibly have you more accurately set-up you summer campaigns.

3. Don’t be lazy - Follow up!

When a lead comes in from any source, jump on it using multiple channels of communication. Text, Email and phone. You are not the only one trying to book the customer -  this person probably also requested information from other companies, so being the first to contact the person behind the lead, in the right way, will go a long way in you being their mover of choice.

Tag it, Prioritize it, mark it correctly

Your software/crm should have the options to make sure that a hot lead stays hot and gets booked. Don’t miss a job by missing your followups and being persistent.

4. Text Every New Lead Immediately

Why? In 2019 you have a 70% higher chance of reaching your customers via text. People can no longer talk over the phone without setting aside a time. Your email response could end up in a spam filter if you have never been in touch with the person before or get buried amongst work emails.

People text in every situation - It is hands down the most effective form of first contact.

Don’t Stop There – Email Them Immediately After

After you text them, send them an email right away to recap your text. This gives them easy access to all the information you provided and ensures that there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Keep Going and call

When you speak with the prospect be sure to ask when you should follow up. If their response is “I’ll contact you if I have any questions” or “I’ll contact you when I’m ready”. Come back with something like “I know life gets busy, is there a reasonable time to check back with you if I don’t hear from you.” Their response to this question will give you an indication of their level of interest so you can then decide when or if you should follow up with them.

5. Use a software or CRM to Automate Your Follow Ups and set reminders

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): A CRM is records all interactions with prospects. It allows you to set up tasks to follow up with prospects at specific times, so you won’t forget. Many CRM solutions even have built-in form integrations, which will automatically import a customer’s information directly into the CRM from the completed form on your website.

Industry specific CRM software systems are the way to go. They will have automation built in to eliminate manual follow up. You can set the software to email prospects in a specific sequence that are preprogrammed. Network Leads offers these option including the option to bulk email blast to concentrate followups and promotions. It receives moving leads directly and sends automated responses, includes text messaging and incredible marketing and followup tools.

6. The value of a satisfied customer - Priceless

To encourage repeat sales, reach back out to your current and past satisfied clients to see if they need anything. Your current customers are one of the best sources for new business and referrals. Consider a time-sensitive offer exclusive to current customers. Don’t let a satisfied customer disconnect with you until they leave a glowing review.

Bonus Tip

Offer a customer referral bonuses so if they don’t need any additional services right now, perhaps they have friends or family who would be interested in your services.

7. Offer Deep Discounts or Free Offers on High-Margin Add-On Services

Since you are dealing with less volume during your slow season, offering discounts or free offers on high-margin add-on services can help to turn things around. This tip can do two thing - Firstly, to increase the average revenue per sale, and second to entice potential customers to move forward quickly.

As an example, Moving companies  – can offer free boxes on full service moves. Think about which services have the best margins and get creative!

These tips will get you through the cold winters by heating up your pockets. Using these tips as well as utilizing modern marketing tools available in the better CRM systems, will bring natural growth to any company if done correctly. It’s not rocket science but it does involve smart monitoring and your own drive.

Chelsea Krost is a CRM expert and marketing strategist at Network Leads moving software. To set-up a demo one on one with one of our skilled reps select a time here.

Chelsea Krost

Chelsea Krost is a CRM expert and marketing strategist at Network Leads moving software. To set-up a demo one on one with one of our skilled reps select a time here.

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