How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Helps You Maximize Your Lead Generation Efforts

February 12, 2019

LinkedIn Works for both Marketing and Sales Teams

You already know LinkedIn is an important asset for every business. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a premium service, offers a number of time-saving, intuitive helps for lead generation. Whether your marketing department is creating an email campaign or your sales team is cold-calling, here are a few tips to help you maximize your LinkedIn tools.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Identify Targeted Leads

Most businesses think of LinkedIn as a type of social site for businesses, and it is, but LinkedIn is so much more than that. In particular, it is a goldmine for lead generation, and is the perfect environment to meet and form connections with others who share similar interests.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a platform which enables you to build relationships, discover qualified prospects, create targeted buyers lists and reach out to prospective customers through the LinkedIn InMail. The whole process is intuitive and efficient. You can integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your CRM for a completely streamlined system that saves time and yields results.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers filters and additional tools that are not available on the main LinkedIn platform. You can customize your search to identify your ideal customer. Sales Navigator also offers customer insights and additional information which you can then use to customize content or create specific product recommendations or offers.

To Get Started, Create A LinkedIn Account if You Don’t Have One

Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile carefully, filling out all the fields. A wizard helps step-by-step. Write a summary and add a video to make it easier to form connections with your leads and colleagues.

Create A Business Page for Your Company

You can use the business page to promote your company and attract new clients and customers. Upload a square logo and fill in the general business information.

Sign Up for Your Desired Sales Navigator Account

Although LinkedIn is free, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid subscription. Depending upon your needs, there are Individual, Team, and Enterprise subscriptions.

LinkedIn also offers other subscription possibilities such as the Premium Business package, but Sales Navigator offers the most lead generation capabilities. The Premium Business package is valuable for tracking industry insights and getting exposure for your business.

Sales Navigator offers everything included in the Premium Business package, plus Lead Lists and increased monthly InMail messages. If you sign up for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team subscription, you can integrate up to 5,000 leads into your CRM.

Exploring the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When you are ready to begin prospecting, access Sales Navigator or use the handy wizard to detail your ideal customer or client based on industry, company size, business role or title, and geographic location.

The Sales Navigator will locate lead results based upon your specifications. The left-side panel offers easy-to-customize features which you can adapt for each search or company.

Advanced Search Feature

When you’re ready to get even more detailed leads, use Sales Navigator’s Advanced Search. Top filters for Advanced Search are Keywords, Geography, Company, Industry, Function, and Title.

If you save your searches, you are able to receive automated alerts when new leads match your search criteria. Put in the work once, and LinkedIn continues to provide prospective leads. Select whether you prefer to receive alerts daily, weekly, or monthly.

What does a lead look like in Sales Navigator?

When you locate a lead that meets your search criteria, you can access the lead’s LinkedIn page for more information. You will find current and past employment, current job title, location, how many LinkedIn connections, and a profile photo. (LinkedIn members can customize their preferences for privacy, so all information is not always available.)

Education information, endorsements by other LinkedIn members, recommendations, and interests are all useful features that can help you customize and personalize your strategy. Notice the “Recommended leads at” over on the right side of the page. These are other leads in the same company as the lead you are viewing.

You will also see names of leads similar to the one you are viewing. These are similar leads at other companies. This is a great way to generate leads which your sales team can convert into customers.

You can gather an email address for the lead you’re viewing by installing one of the LinkedIn-compatible Chrome extensions, or by using another email verification service. Many of them integrate with your CRM to make organizing and managing your leads easy and efficient.

You can use the LinkedIn “Add Tag” feature to organize multiple leads as you like. You will also see an “Add Notes” option on the right-hand side of your prospective lead’s profile.

You may find you don’t use all of the Search and Option features in the Sales Navigator. You can determine which options make the most sense for your Lead Gen needs and disregard the rest.

Time-saving and efficient Lead Gen

LinkedIn is a great network for building connections, engaging in groups relevant to your business or industry, and maintaining your company’s presence and brand identity. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a practical tool for quickly locating, identifying, and gathering leads to help your business grow.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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