12 Ways to Generate More Targeted Leads for Your Business

May 27, 2019

You need a never-ending stream of targeted leads in order for your business to grow. This is true whether your company is a brick and mortar or you operate completely online.

The most effective online lead generation techniques involve meeting your prospective customers wherever they are searching and spending time. You can implement the following strategies and test which are most effective for your particular niche or business.

Table of Contents: Proven Methods for Finding Leads for Your Business

1. Optimize Your Website Landing Page

2. Lead Magnet in Return for Contact Information

3. Offer Freebie for Newsletter Signup

4. Social Media

5. Publish Content on Medium

6. Video Lead Generation on YouTube

7. Podcast

8. Paid Ads on Facebook

9. Influencer Outreach

10. Guest Blog Content

11. Incentives for Referrals from Customers

12. Offer Free Webinars

1. Optimize Landing Page

Take a look at your landing page and make sure it is easy-to-read. The lead sign up form should be located in a prime spot. You want it to be simple for leads to join your list.

2. Lead Magnet in Return for Contact Information

A lead magnet is simply a free report or checklist offered in return for a lead’s contact information. You can offer a lead magnet in a variety of online sites, including your website and social media pages.

3. Offer Freebie to Newsletter Subscribers

A company newsletter is a great way to provide value to your email list. Did you know, however, that many people only subscribe to the newsletter if they get a freebie? Keep this in mind when creating your sign-up page.

You can change the sign-up CTA from “Sign up for our Newsletter” to “Sign Up Now for Discounts and Free Downloads” to call attention to the incentive for subscribing. Offer a free report, incentive, discount, free consultation, or other freebies to attract more leads.

4. Social Media for Lead Generation

Leveraging your presence on social media is an effective way to attract leads and customers, as well as connecting with customers you already have. Which site you should focus on will depend on the type of business you have and what industry you are in.

LinkedIn - In general, LinkedIn is ideal for marketing and business-related prospecting and lead generation.

Pinterest - Pinterest is very visual. Although it can be used for any niche, it is especially popular for food, family, beauty, and home-related businesses.

Twitter - If you are active on Twitter, you can tweet links to useful content on your website and have a sign-up form there. Use hashtags relevant to your keywords.

Facebook - You can attract leads easily by maintaining a business page on Facebook. (Paid Facebook Ads are #8 on this list.) On your Facebook page, share links to your website content landing page where readers can then sign up. Every new fan that signs up on your Facebook page is a potential lead, so make it easy to follow your page by putting links on your website and using “Facebook Like and Share” buttons on your content.

Instagram - Instagram is a great social site to visually build your brand. It is a great site for creating a connection with your potential customers and allowing a more personal feel to your business, which consumers can relate to. You can target your leads with images which portray the meaning behind your business and your products instead of directly selling. You can also use Instagram Stories to create content that shows how your business solves the needs of your clients and customers.

5. Publish Content on Medium

Medium is a powerful way to connect with new leads. You can import the content from your business website blog onto this platform. Add links to your landing page so readers can subscribe to your blog, mailing lists, or social media profiles.

6. YouTube Video Lead Generation

Does your business have a YouTube channel? It should. You can use YouTube cards on your promotional videos to give an interactive call-to-action link and send viewers directly to your website. If your video is at least 25 seconds, you can use the End Screen to promote your landing pages and to encourage viewers to Subscribe to your channel.

Create an educational video or an explainer video that highlights your business, including products, services, and your story. Share the video on your website and all social sites.

Give a detailed description of your YouTube video, complete with relevant keywords, in the video description. Effective use of this is great for generating leads because YouTube and Google increase the search ranking of videos with complete, in-depth descriptions and keywords.

7. Podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and are yet another way to generate leads for your brand. Listeners enjoy podcasts because they can listen while on the go. Create podcast content that serves the needs of your customers. This builds your brand authority and attracts new leads at the same time.

8. Paid Ads on Facebook

Facebook is an amazing marketing tool not only because of the potential reach, but because Facebook makes it so easy to target your ideal audience. Using Facebook Ads is an easy way, if you have the budget, to generate leads for your business.

9. The Power of Influencers

Research the influencers in your field, niche, or industry, and reach out to them. Building a relationship with an influencer can yield huge dividends for your business. If the influencer recommends your service, or product, or mentions your business, it will generate many new leads for your company.

10. Guest Blog Posts

Useful content is one of the best ways to attract new leads to your business. Create high-quality content that demonstrates your experience and expertise in your niche.

Contact influential blogs relevant to your brand, that are popular with your ideal customers, to be featured as a guest blogger. The requirements are listed on many sites that feature guest bloggers. This is an extremely effective way of generating highly targeted leads for your business.

11. Customer Referral Incentives

If you have enthusiastic supporters and satisfied customers, you have the ideal credibility builders for your brand. Offer your customers incentives to spread the word via social media. You can also offer clients and customers discounts and incentives for directly referring prospects to you.

12. Offer Free Webinars

When you establish yourself as an authority leader in your field, lead generation is easy. Providing useful solutions and how-to advice to your audience retains loyal customers and attracts new leads. Webinars are easy ways to accomplish this and increase your following.

A Strong Overall Web Presence for Your Brand Attracts New Leads

Implementing these 12 lead generation tactics will provide an added bonus. Having a strong presence online increases your brand authority and gives you more visibility. Greater visibility boosts interest in your company, and the result is much higher traffic and more leads for your business.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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