10 Moving Company Marketing & Ad Strategies, Tips, and Ideas to Implement Right Now

June 21, 2021

Want help with usable strategies to boost the effectiveness of your online marketing? Need suggestions to create ads that will increase leads and boost your moving company visibility?

Implementing an effective marketing strategy attracts new customers to your moving business.  Your brand presence increases and so do your profits. The following are 10 moving company strategies you’ll want to use:

Here Are 10 Proven Moving Company Marketing and Ad Strategies 

Implement All the Features of your Moving Software CRM

Online moving software like Network Leads was specifically designed for moving companies. Because experts in the moving industry created it according to their specifications, you have access to all features to help you run and scale your business. Best of all, your online moving software includes automated marketing. 

With online moving software, it’s easy to keep track of leads and conduct split testing of your ads and campaigns. Best of all, everything is stored in the Cloud in your moving software dashboard.

Your important dates and marketing events are synchronized in your Network Leads software. Every lead you generate is recorded and stored, so there is no worry of losing leads.

Create email marketing campaigns right inside your software. You can select from a variety of different templates depending on the purpose of your campaign. All emails and correspondence can be branded with your moving company logo. Professional results are at your fingertips. The entire sales process is easy to use and designed to get results. Lead logs keep you up to date at a glance.

Optimize Your Website for Google, Search Engines, and Your Customers

SEO is constantly evolving and it’s necessary to keep up with the latest changes. Improving the structure and content of your website can strongly impact your search engine ranking. That is critical because websites that rank high on search engine pages like Google search get substantially more traffic.

Optimize your website with great titles, page titles, meta descriptions that reflect the content on the page. Always use alt text and optimize descriptions, even on photos. Use relevant keywords and location phrases in your titles.

Your moving business website should contain both internal and external links. Your website’s trust ranking is improved when you have external links to reliable sites.

Create Great Content 

A great marketing strategy that still works today is creating informative, useful content. The content can be used across all your sites and social media.

Quality content builds trust in your moving company. It also increases your discoverability by potential customers who might never have heard of you if they didn’t discover your content.

Content comes in all forms, lengths, and styles. It doesn’t always need to be articles or reports. Infographics, videos, photos, Facebook lives, and podcasts can build your moving company’s recognizability and reputation quickly. Mix it up for the best results. Content on your website also helps you rank in the search engines.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful tool that increases your visibility, particularly on mobile. It is a great way to attract new leads, and best of all, it won’t impact your budget.

Create a Google My Business listing for your moving company location. The setup process is easy and GMB offers options to customize your account.

You can add photos of your brick-and-mortar location, of your team, your logo, and customer reviews. You can advertise your current promotions. If your moving business belongs to or is affiliated with. AMSA, BBB, or charitable organizations, show them on your Google My Business site and your website to add credibility.

Paid Advertising

Paid Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, guest blogging, advertising on travel sites, and Facebook targeted ads are highly effective. You can run PPC (Pay per Click) ads based on keywords and phrases related to your advertisement. You pay when people click on your ad. The best thing about Pay per click ads is they produce rapid results.

Facebook advertising is also an effective ad strategy if done correctly. It is necessary to test your results carefully to ensure you have your ad parameters carefully defined. Otherwise, you may go over your budget. You can do split testing and attract targeted leads with Facebook ads.

Social Media

One thing is certain: Your customers are on social media. Why not interact with them and build your moving business reputation as a leader in the industry? 

You can post photos, blog articles, memes, customer reviews, and videos. If questions are posted in groups or on your page, answer them. Be quick to respond to encourage activity and interaction. Posting on social media is a great way to make sure your customers and prospects see important information and read your company’s reviews.

Make your moving business real even online by holding live events where customers can see how your team works. This is especially important to calm any concerns about moving during COVID. You can also host virtual customer appreciation events.

Brand Management and Review Sites

Almost every moving business is familiar with review sites. Be aware that customers are very savvy about checking reviews across the internet. Bad reviews are more prominent than good ones, but it is impossible to avoid ever having a negative review. Resolve the problem when possible. Only write a response when you are certain you are writing from a neutral and factual point of view.

When you have positive reviews, showcase them! Encourage your enthusiastic customers to make video recommendations which you can then post on your social media sites.

Use a Moving Leads Company

A moving leads company is a necessity now. The moving business is highly competitive, and an experienced moving leads company can generate quality leads at a reasonable rate that ultimately saves you time and gets results.

A moving leads company like Network Leads not only helps with the acquisition of leads, but you can also create entire sales funnels. The software integrates all data and stores everything inside your dashboard to keep you organized.

Email Marketing and Text Messaging

Email and text marketing are so important, they deserve their own category. You can design an email campaign right inside your Network Leads moving software! Run your entire business online inside the intuitive dashboard.

You can select from many customizable email templates, add your logo, a photo, and you’re ready to compose your email. Create an email sales funnel in minutes. Emails that look professional and arrive in the inbox. You can also automate email customer journeys, saving you hours of time.

You can do the same thing with text messages. If you’re not using texts, you should be. Everyone operates from their mobile nowadays, and the open rate on text messages is very high.

Everything is stored right in your moving software CRM so you can analyze your campaigns and copy successful emails. Your email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets. You have the flexibility to target all of your email contacts for a campaign or focus on only one or two.

Commitment to Customer Experience

 Prioritize customer service to build a strong online reputation. Social proof is very important online, so when customers or other businesses (like real estate agencies) have a positive experience with you, share the news on social media, your website, in email newsletters and campaigns, and in your paid ads.

Offering superior service to help customers successfully move is always goal number one. Sometimes, however, the way an imperfect situation is handled has an even stronger impact on your business.

If you are able to solve a problem or help a customer resolve a problem, the positive story will be told by the customer over and over to others. Mishandling a situation can have an equally negative effect on your brand reputation. It takes a lot to build a business. Guard your reputation.

If a customer has an issue, listen carefully to the complaint or problem. Then find out exactly how the situation can be satisfactorily resolved. Often a customer just wants you to listen and acknowledge the issue.

Your entire team can easily keep track of all correspondence records and notes right in the Network Leads dashboard. Everyone is on the same page and can jump in to help customers because of the centralized organization of all customer records in the Cloud.

Implement These 10 Moving Company Marketing Strategies Now

These 10 marketing and ad strategies will benefit all moving companies. Implement the tips and ideas now to generate successful marketing campaigns. Sign up for Network Leads moving company software today. Go paperless and manage your moving business anywhere.

Connie Yerbic

Connie Yerbic is an San Francisco-based entrepreneur and writer specializing in online tech, marketing, and productivity solutions for businesses. She enjoys traveling and performing with her rock/metal band.

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